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About me

Black and white photo of Spirited Grace designer

Welcome to Spirited Grace and thank you for visiting.  My name is Francesca Lobbe and I have been handcrafting and selling jewelry since 2005.
I grew up looking at my mother's bobbin lace pillow stored above the closet in her bedroom, dreaming of being able one day to imitate the hard work and devotion of mysterious women of a faraway past.

Old photo of bobbin lace makers

The photo on the left reminds me of a visit to an old town in the Appennines in Abruzzo, Italy; walking with my family though the quite lanes of this beautiful town, I was drawn by a group of women making lace on the road.  I like to think that somehow, we can travel in time thank to traditional artwork like lace.

I was born and raised in Italy, and art had always been a part of my everyday life: from the family Sunday mass in a beautiful Gothic church, to the ancient frescos on my high school walls.


Beautiful view of and old town (probably in Italy).

Moreover, my family has always been "home-made" artistic; my uncle was a self-taught musician, and he could make music with virtually anything (a plastic cup or a leaf just to give a couple of examples); my father used to make inlay work chess boards; and my mother introduced my sister and me to embroidery, crochet, knitting...

When I first started out, my passion for jewelry making combined with the strong attraction for Bobbin Lace drove me to intense research and gave me the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into an online store. I can now serve customers all over the world and I am thrilled to be part of the jewelry industry.