Yesterday the rain came. All the snow and ice has finally melted to reveal a muddy mess. At the bus stop this morning the kids couldn’t believe all the worms that were crawling all over the place. Short ones, long ones, fat ones, thin ones, WORMS EVERYWHERE. As soon as I heard them mention the worms I was immediately taken back to grade school. I remember lining up outside the door of my elementary school in the mornings waiting for the school day to start. Kids weren’t particularly kind to me in school but I did the best with what I was dealt. One morning I remember the ground looking much like it did today, wet and covered with worms. Next thing that I can remember about that morning are kids throwing worms at me. For the life of me, I can’t remember why or who it was but I just remember it happening. It’s funny what our minds chose to preserve. As that flash of a memory washed over me this morning it reminded me to pray for my children. Pray for them not to be the worm throwers or the worm targets but to be the lights. Lights of hope and love. Lights of inclusion not exclusion. Lights of laughter and not of hate. Sometimes I remember to pray for everyone under the sun but forget the two most precious gifts that God has entrusted Dave and I with. You never know how God is going to use a time, place, or memory to bring you back into conversation with Him.

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