We Are Moving!

It’s official, we are moving!! Dave has accepted a transfer to Charlotte, North Carolina. He will be working for the same company, doing the same thing but with new scenery. Now, this big of a move may come as a shock to most people but we feel the Lord called us to the Charlotte area so we are following His lead. This move brings excitement and challenges but our fear isn’t bigger than our God. The Lord has his hand in this so we are confident this is the right next step for our family and that He will continue to be walking alongside us as the next chapter starts to unfold. Dave will be going down to start his job in a few weeks and the kids and I will be staying behind to tie up loose ends, so our timeline is a bit more fluid than Dave’s.

Dave and I just got Friday from visiting Charlotte and the surrounding areas to get a feel for where we want to live. Most of our days were spent in the car driving through adorable downtowns and looking at some potential houses. The good news is we have narrowed down the areas that we would love to settle down in. We sampled some local cuisine and visited some fun places! I had the best Mexican food of my life at a little hole in the wall place that we will definitely visit again. The last night we went to a place in Uptown called the Epicentre and had dinner. While we were eating the Wake Forest and Texas A&M Marching Bands came for some sort of battle of the bands! Of course one of my favorite places is the Southpark Mall.

My hope is to blog this new adventure as it unfolds. Tell me what you would like to hear about!

in grace and love


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