This is Us

This show. It has grabbed ahold of my heart. It causes me to reflect on my marriage and my children Every.Single.Episode. It shows me that great people are flawed. Not that they can be but they are. We are all human and flaws are apart of that. Flaws are relatable. Marraiges that have ups and downs, kids that don’t always listen and do what you want them to do, that’s real life. This is Us reflects true family life. The Pearsons aren’t perfect but they are fierce and that’s why I love them. This show has reminded me that you have to accept your kids for who they are. You have to be okay with the parts of you they have and the parts of them that make up who they uniquely are. The world needs more of this kind of television. The kind that promotes hope, love, introspection, forgiveness, growth, and authencity. 

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