Sunday Sip

Sunday Sip


Reading: Genesis

Watching: The Office

Listening: Yahweh by Elevation Worship

Praying: God’s provision in this season and an offer on our house!

Loving: Sleep 

Pinning: nothing this week 

Drinking: Diet Coke Fiesty Cherry

Sunday Thought: I’ve been so busy with house stuff I totally forgot to do Sunday Sip last week! I’ve been thinking a lot about Scripture lately and how I need to be in God’s word more no matter how busy my life is. There will always be an excuse that I can make myself believe to be acceptable. In Christian culture, we use the term seasons all the time, as in “this is just a season”. While I agree that our life ebbs and flows and that some seasons are harder than others I think we always need to try and take even just 5 minutes to be in the word. I’ve come to notice I feel so much more at peace when I have spent some time with Scripture. I’m challenging myself this week to read at least one verse a day, starting small and manageable. 

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