Sunday Sip

Sunday Sip


Reading: not a fan by Kyle Idleman (still)

Watching: The Office

Listening: Fullness by Elevation Worship

Praying: For a smooth transition as Dave gets ready to move down to Charlotte 

Loving: a few days of this warmer weather 

Pinning: Overnight Oat Recipes (like this one)

Drinking: Lemonade 

Sunday thought: We have three miniature dachshunds. One of them got very sick this week and had to be taken to the vet. It was a pretty expensive trip but we, of course, paid it because we love him. People without pets often don’t realize that pets are part of the family. Especially since we’ve had him since he was a puppy. Cash has been with us for almost 11years. That’s longer than some people’s relationships. What I was wondering while I was sitting alone the doggy exam room while Cash was in the back being treated is what would have happened if I said no we can’t pay that. Would these people have sent me home and allowed my dog to die? It’s a sobering thought about how our week could have been vastly different if we weren’t able to pay. Some people don’t believe in praying for pets but I sure do and this week Lord worked in the way that only he can to make sure we had the money we needed. People may think we’re crazy but today seeing the kids play with Cash and him curled up on the couch it was totally worth it. 

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