Settling In

The move was a whirlwind and all my great ideas about packing really went out the window. I feel like this big move has helped prepped us for the next go round (we are currently renting and will likely buy a home next summer). I labeled boxes to the best of my ability but not all boxes got labeled. That was a HUGE mistake. Not knowing what was in boxes made it hard to tell the movers where to place them and it’s been a challenge as far as unpacking since I don’t know what I’ll find in the box. My advice is to take the box labeling VERY seriously. I purged a lot while I was boxing up the house but didn’t make it to the garage and now I have a floppity¬†bagillion totes to go through. My other piece of advice is to provide ample time to purge BEFORE you move so you aren’t moving things that don’t need to be moved.

We are slowly starting to settle in, finding a new rhythm. For 10 weeks our rhythms were out of sync because we were apart and now we are trying to get used to each other again. I miss my family and our dear friends but I feel at peace about our move here. The Lord has brought us here and his peace knows no bounds. When you make a life choice based on God’s prompting there’s calming effect on your spirit. Based on what the kids are telling us they are happy at their new school and making new friends which put this mama’s heart at ease. We attended church the last two Sundays but this Sunday¬†we decided to make Elevation Church – Matthews our home church. We love the vibe and energy of the broadcasting location but ultimately our goal is to connect with people in our community. Volunteering is also super important to us so Dave and I have already signed up to serve and we can’t wait to get started.

in grace and love,


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