Planner Basics

I am paper obsessed. Notebooks, Coloring Books, Planners you name it I love it. I have an Emily Ley Simplified Planner which is gorgeous and I love it but it wasn’t really satisfying my creative side so I got a Mini Happy Planner to carry in my purse. I found it much easier to carry and since it’s a smaller surface area to decorate it makes it less stressful to tap into my creative side. This list of basics will give you everything you need to start adding some personality to your planner. Here is pick from my personal stash. Create 365 sticker books pack a lot of bang for your buck. This particular book was made for the classic size happy planner but I make it work for my mini happy planner. Le Pens are my favorite pens to write in my planner with. I love the fine tip and they come in a variety of colors. Scissors are a must to trim down things like stickers and washi tape, this pair is by Pink Paislee. Washi Tape is a must as it can be great to separate lits or tasks but also to cover up appointments that may get canceled. Lastly, a dashboard really helps keep your planner a tiny bit more organized. I have 3 dashboards in my planner: one that is used to mark the current day, another to mark which week needs to be planned next, and finally a dashboard that keeps all my budgeting pages together.

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