Even though this scripture just came into my life it has actually been the scripture that’s in guiding my choices over the last several months and I just didn’t know it. Had I heard this scripture months ago I don’t think it would have meant as much to me as it does now. I realize that as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend I have responsibilities but at some point I decided that God was the first thing to be cut from a long list of things to do. Finally I feel my priorities are starting to be in order. God first, family second. When we are pursuing God I think the devil gets scared and then gets busy. Life has been throwing me some interesting curve balls lately but I have been trying my best to catch them and throw them back. I didn’t realize that all this time that I was persevering because that is what God has called me to do. Not just trying to survive for my own selfish benefit but pursuing God’s will despite the devil’s games. I feel like many of us miss out on what God has promised us because we aren’t willing to stay the course. This scripture also reminded me that you get what God’s promised you when you have done HIS WILL. Today remember to persevere towards His will for your life.

in grace and love,


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