I am typing this bundled up on my couch feeling sicker than I have in awhile, a double ear infection and a gnarly cold will do that to you. The word that has been constantly at the forefront of my mind in the last 8 weeks is OVERWHELMED. I am a person who doesn’t mind to busy and generally prefers to be doing something but lately even I have felt the weight of this kind of schedule and lifestyle. We have been living at a break neck pace for months and I can’t keep up. Typically after I dwell on the thought of being overwhelmed I hear God say, “BE STILL”. I have forgotten what should be at the forefront of my mind HIM. In all the ups and downs, scheduling conflicts, and strain to family time I forgot that, “the Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still” Exodus 14:14

This verse draws my attention to that the fact that the Lord is with me and he will stand up for me. The biggest struggle for me is being still. I need to be still in all aspects of my life. I keep trying to take on all the hustle and bustle by myself and shelving my time with God because I tell myself that X,Y, & Z are more important, and if I don’t get this done so and so will be disappointed, and if I don’t sell this we can’t pay this off. The list goes on and on. The Lord is present in all these things regardless if I acknowledge it the difference is if and when I acknowledge Him in all aspects of my life then I am inviting Him into a relationship. A relationship where He is for me not against me and I no longer have to shoulder my burdens alone.


in grace and love,


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