My Planning Power Couple

If you know me at all you know that I am paper/stationary/planner/office supply OBSESSED. There is just something about it that makes me happy and I love shopping for it. This year will be my second year with an Emily Ley Simplified Planner and Lara Casey’s PowerSheets. Being as tomorrow is August 1st (the start of my academic simplified planner) I’ve decided after hearing Lara and Emily talk about using these products together, to actually start doing this myself. Last night I sat down and did my power sheets prep work for August (yes something didn’t get done in July and I added them to August). This morning I sat down with both products to give my self a greater chance for success towards my August goals.

The tending list can be taken out of the PowerSheets but I like to keep mine in tact. I also love my cultivate what matters sticker book to help dress up not only my PowerSheets but my planner. As you can see I marked in my monthly layout when to do my prep work for next month. Next I used another sticker to cover up the word “Notes” in my planner to say “tend to this” to keep items from my tending list front and center. Then I used my Emily Ley Dot Stickers to add some organization and color!

You can get 20% off Simplified Planners through tomorrow with the code 20OFFSP! 

If you have any questions about either products or how I use them feel free to ask

*post does contain affiliate links, however this post is not sponsored. I just LOVE these products!*


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