Moving Madness

Our cross-country move is getting real. A week from today Dave will be in Charlotte which means this move is REAL. I lucked out the last two moves (house to rental, rental to house) because I was in grad school still so Dave pretty much did all the packing/unpacking twice. He kindly points out that this move is mostly me! Even though we moved just a year ago, I find myself still reflecting on memories already made in this house. Once I get past being sentimental then I start to panic about all the stuff we have! To help aid in the moving process, I have been all over Pinterest looking for some helpful moving hacks. Here are just a few I found that I will definitely be using in this move.

This tip I’ve actually done to move our clothes! It’s the easiest way to pack them and then be able to immediately hang them back up.

I love this idea of color coordinating boxes (it speaks to my planner nerdiness). The dots make me a little nervous that they will fall off in the move so I think we will be going the colored duct tape route to help us to unload things in an efficient manner.

This is so simple but smart. Since we are moving long distance I think this is going to be such a huge time saver for us. The only thing I would add to this is dog food and dishes since we have 3 dogs we want to make sure they are taken care of too

Yesterday we went to Lowes to price boxes and it was overwhelming to think about how many we would need. This chart gives us a great starting point!

I would love for you to comment with your moving tips!

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