House Hunting

I just got back from Charlotte to visit Dave and go house hunting. Definitely, a different experience when you don’t know where houses are located and you are just looking based on pictures, features, and price range. I have been completely stressing out about keeping our home looking pristine so that we are always ready for a showing. What I learned is that not everyone necessarily feels the same way 🙂 Pictures can be deceiving, so houses photographed great but when you showed up to look around they didn’t live up to the photos. Now I realize not everyone is going to be as psycho as I have been about keeping our house presentable but if you are trying to sell your home you should definitely take pride in it. WoW people. Another thing I’m learning this go-round is that I’m doing better visualizing what COULD be not just what is. When we were house hunting for our first house when Dave and I were first married I would see something cosmetic I didn’t like and immediately say I couldn’t live there. For instance, we looked at a house that had green counter tops and interesting wallpaper and I couldn’t get past it. This go round I find myself excited thinking about taking a house and making into a great home for our family. Our house is currently for sale and we are just waiting for the right offer so that we can make an offer in Charlotte. All in God’s timing, not ours. Will you keep you posted on this stressful yet exciting process.

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