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Easing into Bible journaling

Bible journaling has become increasingly popular these days but I’m not quite ready to start painting and drawing just yet. For the longest time, I thought it was disrespectful to write in your Bible until I realized it’s not only a great way to memory keep your faith journey but to interact with God’s word. Just a few basic things can help you to become more comfortable with journaling in your Bible. Here are my current bible journaling essentials. My current bible is the She Reads Truth bible, which I’m in LOVE with. It has big margins for journaling and devotionals throughout the books of the Bible. Next, I use a micron pen to write and underline favorite verses and passages. To keep a crisp line I use a cork backed steel ruler. My pineapple pen cup is full of various pen colors to keep things bright and fun. Next, I have some stickers and paper flags from Michaels. Last but not least, I always have a hot cup of coffee to help keep my creative juices following.I have been using the paper flags to bookmark important verses or devotionals for quick reference. Each flag represents a different category for me so when I’m looking at my Bible I can easily reference what I’m looking for.Recently I’m been reading truth’s in the Bible about who God says we are. I’ve been using stickers to mark what the verses signify. This is a simple way to start journaling in your Bible, to document what’s important in your spiritual walk. Marking these verses is a great way to leave a faith legacy for my kids. They will have my Bible to look back through and see what God spoke to me.

As you can see just a few items can really help start you on a creative journey with your Bible! I would love to hear some creative ways you are bible journaling in the comments!

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