DIY Tulle Bedskirt

I have been eyeing this Emily & Meritt bedskirt at Pottery Barn Kids for Presley’s room for quite some time but with a $169 price tag it’s been a no go. What makes this version so affordable is that I was able to use my 40% off coupon on my single cut of fabric. This version worked out to be about $44!


Tonight I went to hobby lobby and found this awesome tulle with elastic (more than likely meant to make skirts), but it immediately reminded of the bedskirt at Pottery Barn Kids.

My first thought was to sew it to the plain white bedskirt I had on Presley’s bed already but when I called to ask my mom about it she suggested just pinning it! I purchased 5 yards (I used this chart to help guesstimate how much I needed for a full size bed) and a package of safety pins.

I started with the plain white bed skirt that was already on her bed (I believe it was under $10 from target). Next I started safety pinning the elastic part of the tulle through bed skirt about every 6″. ┬áIf you wanted a cleaner look you could do a couple of more permanent options: fabric glue, double sided tape, or sewing. What I like about this is that it can be traded out plus I can always reuse this for another project. It took maybe 15 minutes to pin the whole thing.


I’m super happy with how it tuned it out and I think when Presley sees it she’ll love it!



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