Charges but no Offense

Last Friday I went to a bible study and we read a portion of Acts. When we discussed what we observed from reading this passage what jumped out at me is that charges were brought against Paul but he had committed no offense. I started to think about my teenage years and how I would believe anything anyone said about me. If someone said something negative that wasn’t true after continually hearing it I would just start to accept as truth. This cycle of thinking still haunts me as an adult. “Charges” but no offense. Acts 25: 7 really stood out to me.

Just because someone brings a “charge” against you doesn’t make it so. Charges were brought against Paul but with no proof. Paul had committed no wrong doing. He stood firm in his faith. He knew who he was in Christ and what the truth really was. As Christians we have to remember we are who God says we are, not the world. We are his sons and daughters. Another thing that came to mind while reading was what God can do with you and for you when he gets ahold of you. Paul used to be a persecutor of Christians and then he became a champion of the faith. God can transform anyone for his glory. I need that reminder so much today. The past, the “charges”, the world doesn’t define me but Christ does. Be strong today for God is fighting for you.

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