2018 Goals

For the last 3 years, I have been using Powersheets (an intentional goal planner) to plan out and execute my goals for the year. I find the prep work really lays a great foundation to help make goals smarter and more attainable. Since we are relocating this year you’ll notice that a few of my goals revolve around that. Now while those goals will be finished before the end of the year without including them I would not plan accordingly for them. Using Powersheets helps me really look at my big goals and break them down into manageable steps that I can focus on. Below are my 10 goals for 2018 along with a few things to help me work towards that goal!

  • To be in daily relationship the Lord
    • Pray daily
    • Read the Bible/Devotionals
    • Attend Church
  • Organize and declutter the house
    • Pick up something every day
    • Set up a cleaning schedule
    • Donate, Sell, Trash
  • Sell the house
    • Prep the house
    • Deep Clean
    • List the house
  • Move to the Carolinas
    • Sell the house
    • Pack up house
    • Rent trailer to move
  • Get involved at a new church
    • Research ministries
    • Ask to volunteer
    • Serve
  • To blog more consistently
    • Make a list of post ideas
    • Write posts ahead of time
    • Make a posting schedule
  • Get finances in order
    • Research budget types
    • Create budget
    • Implement budget
  • Make a quilt(s)
    • Pick pattern/fabric
    • Iron/Cut fabric
    • Start sewing
  • Healthier Lifestyle
    • Drink more water
    • Get step counter
    • Move more
  • Cultivate relationships
    • Write/keep in touch with old friends
    • Engage with new people at Church
    • Plan coffee/lunch dates

Some of these things may seem obvious or too simple but without writing these steps out I’ve found that I wouldn’t get the ball rolling. As I check off these starting steps I will work towards new steps to work towards my goals! What are some of your goals for 2018?

in grace and love



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