As moms we generally feel like the ringleader of the circus called our family. Not only are we responsible for keeping the circus going we need to perform all the acts. We need to know how to walk the tightrope of ¬†the sensitive feelings of our kids or the tightrope of asking the husband to do another DIY project that would make Chip and JoJo proud. Being the lion tamer of the littles come nap time or bedtime. Maybe the bearded lady if you haven’t had a shower, your eyebrows done, or time for some makeup? The juggling act when it comes to taking the kids to school, making breakfast, packing lunches, meal prepping, paying the bills, doctors appointments, sports practices, making time for Jesus, the husband, the kids, the family, and friends. Man I’m exhausted just listing all that. Here’s something I want you to hear me say (or type) and this is as much for me as it is for you, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE. Now lets start with what I’m not saying. I’m not saying don’t be the wife, mother, daughter, and friend God has called you to be. All these things are important roles but you don’t have to run yourself in the ground managing the circus and being all the acts. Your kid does not have to be in 12 sports at once. You do not have to have pinterest party favors for every class party. You do not have to have it all together. Now if sports is your thing awesome! If you love being crafty GREAT! But do those things because you¬†genuinely have passion and love for those things not because you feel like you HAVE to do those things. Learn to juggle what’s important! Not everything is a priority. Take time to figure out what is important for you and your family and then make it work. If your child excels at sports but you want to make family dinners a priority in your household get creative, have a picnic in the back of the van. If family weekends are a priority you might just have to say no to something else to make that happen. You know the phrase not my circus, not my monkeys…..well this is your circus and these are your monkeys, and you have a say in how it runs. Sit down with your husband and discuss what you’ve juggling and decide to juggle what’s important not everything under the sun!

in grace and love,


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