10 gift ideas for the planner girl

As you might have noticed I’m a planner girl. I love all things planner and paper related. Today I’m sharing 10 Gifts for a Planner Girl. If you have a planner girl in your life, I can tell you that picking her up something unexpected that’s planner related will make her day. There is something about a good office supply that can make me smile.

Washi Tape Dispenser: This is great storage piece to have! Not only can it store washi tape but also the sticker rolls that are also in this guide. Washi tape can always be rolling around this dispenser keeps it all in one convenient location.

Washi Chomper: Want to create your own flags or flag banners? This allows you to “chomp” your washi tape into a beautiful piece of planner decor.

planner girl mug: Coffee anyone? I typically always sit down with my planner and a good cup of coffee to help get my creative juices flowing. How cute is this mug from Perfection in Pearls!

HP sprocket portable printer: Alot of people use their planners as a form of memory keeping. This portable printer allows you to print photos directly from your phone onto sticker paper and add them to your planner.

kate spade push pins: These push-pins add a touch of elegance to your memo board and who doesn’t love Kate Spade

Tab punch: This little tool allows you to create tabs from whatever kind of fun paper you want. I have a travelers notebook that I use for certain sermon series and I use this to create tabs to separate them.

create 365 happy planner punch: If you have a happy planner you have to have this paper punch. This allows you to totally customize what you put in your planner by giving you the ability to punch whatever you want and slip it in your happy planner.

Happy Planner Sticker Roll: MAMBI just launched these new sticker rolls and these are a must-have for your planner. This particular set is checklists but they have several different sets including scheduling, fitness, and mom.

Erin Condren Dual-tip Markers:These markers are a two for one, You get a fine point and a thicker side. They give you the flexibility to chose how you want your writing or doodling to look.

emily ley pineapple pen cup: This cup just makes my desk happy! Every planner girl needs a cute place to store her favorite pens. Makes such a cute addition to your planning space.

*This post does contain some affiliate links but it is not a sponsored post. These are just items that I as a planner girl love or would love to receive!*

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